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In business since: 1994
Country: Guatemala

El Mirador Helicopter Tour Real Life Experience! El Mirador Helicopter tour is the best seller in our helicopter adventures in Guatemala. This helicopter trip delivers spectacular aerial sights of the lake Peten Itza, the island of Flores, El Mirador archaeological site, as well as the exotic Maya jungle. Also, travelers will experience a landing within the lost city of El Mirador along with a guided tour of the famous Maya site. On arrival, our visitors will have time to explore the awe-inspiring magnificence which is El Mirador.

El Mirador Heli-tour is an exceptional adventure that will transfer across the fantastic and millenarian Mayan rainforest looking for the lost city of El Mirador, a natural wonder proposed as a UNESCO cultural and natural heritage site, on the basis of its exuberant jungle and the variety of wildlife that inhabit as well as the archeological value of the most significant city of the Mayan world. Our knowledgeable tour guide will take us on a journey through history visiting El Tigre complex, Los Monos Group, The Jaguar’s Claw Temple which displays significant decorated masks of over three meters of height by two in width, where the name of this pyramid, The Tiger, is taken.