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1.High Quality and PremiumWheatgrass Powder for Excellent Living and Healthy Lifestyle   Most trusted wholesalers, seller, supplier and third-party contract manufacturer in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India. Aamaap by poonamenterprises.net is leading the export market today. Amaap.com deals with ayurvedic powders to promote and supply high quality wheatgrass powder for healthy living for all the people.   While you see the medical benefit of wheatgrass powder known as Triticum aestivum is much effective. This Powder helps to overcome nutritional deficiencies of the body. We would say it is a golden nutrition for every single person. The wheatgrass is grown naturally on the mountains that hold the exact properties for wheatgrass growth. With full richness of healthcare benefits, here is the most important benefits to know about wheatgrass powder. These packs of wheatgrass are now available.   How to use?   Always take one rounded teaspoon that can be approx. 3.5 gms of powder daily once you get up in the morning that really helps in maintaining for good health. It is easily recommended by the physicians and also it should be taken in empty stomach as that is the ideals benefits.   Serving suggestion for everyone:Easily mix wheatgrass with water or juice.
Now for better results it should be always taken in warm water.   Now you can buy this without any worries, visit the website aamaap.com and see various packs and products that are easily available for you. For more customized orders please send us your details so we can contact you directly.